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Hi. My computer is flipping out.

Here's the specs:
Windows XP
2.1GHz Athlon processor
1.5 gig of ram
120gb 7200rpm hard drive
Nvidia video card (not sure what type, but hubby got it about 3 months ago)

We run Norton Antivirus and Microsoft anti-spyware.
We use spybot and ad-aware every so often.
We've never had a virus that our software didn't nip in the bud. No problems there.

I am a photographer so I have a lot of images on my computer and I work with folders full of RAW images that are huge. Over the last 2 months, the computer has been dragging butt in a serious way. This morning, I rebooted, ended processes that I didn't need and then opened only 2 folders. No programs, no image editing software, no email, no browser.... just 2 file folders. I'm copying images from one folder and pasting them into another. That's it. After about 6 or 7 minutes of this, The sidebar in one of the folders turns black, and the thumbails won't generate for the other folder. Everything starts to lock up. When this happened earlier, I opened the task manager and photoshop so I could do a print screen.

On the right folder, some of the black had turned back to grey, but you can see some at the top. On the left, I can't click on any of the images. The thumbnails won't load. The folder is frozen and I can't even change to list view if I want to. the dropdown button for that has a number 6 instead of an arrow. The taskbar from the bottom of the page starts repeating itself at the top of the screen. In fact, it seems the taskbar can't even identify that the last item in it's list is a folder. The folder icon is missing. The CPU performance is beating it's head on the ceiling. I don't understand all the numbers at the bottom, but maybe you do. Do I need more RAM? Do I need a new processor? What is going on?

Thank you!
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